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Cowgirl Up.

A lot of my clients struggle in the winter. We work hard, it's cold... and we want comfort food.

Thick rich biscuits and gravy would do the trick... -- but of course this kind of eating goes straight to our thighs and liver.

Here is a recipe that will comfort you in the cold.

Cowgirl Keto Beef Stroganoff


2 lbs.fatty beef, such as prime rib or ribeye sliced into chunks

4 Tbsp. Butter split

Half an Onion, diced

1 Tbsp. Fresh Garlic, minced

1 Tbsp. Chopped fresh herbs such as sage, thyme

2 lbs. portobello caps

2.5 C. Beef or bison bone broth

14 oz. sour cream

Salt & garlic pepper

1/2 head of Purple Cabbage cut into long strips

2 pans without any chemical linings


In one large naturally lined skillet ( Iron or dutch oven) Salt the beef with salt and pepper and sauté in the butter until browned, remove from pan and place in a bowl off to the side. Deglaze the pan with some balsamic if you have that on hand or some mineral water. Put the butter in this pan and add the onion and garlic, more salt and Pepper and herbs until slightly limp, then add the cabbage stir fry until just past tender so it feels like a “ noodle” then remove from pan and put in a bowl. Next do the same with the mushrooms ( you can use separate pans if you like for time) and cook until mushrooms have a fine crispy edge. Feel free to add a dash of maltodextrin free seasoning salt ( this makes for an AMAZING sautéed mushroom at other times) Add bone broth and sour cream until you have a Sauce don’t over cook this part then add your meat, bring to simmer and reduce heat, cook till mixed, not too long. Server over the Cabbage "Noodles".

If you feel daring you can put a few crumbles of a high quality blue cheese on top

© 2019 Native Integrative & Rocky Mountain Herbalist

Cowgirl Keto Stroganoff
Warm, Creamy comfort in a dish.

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