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A little bit about our Herbalist

"I have always loved the dirt, the plants, trees and NATURE!  I grew up in the dirt & The mountains of Idaho, which made for a truly blessed life. It was not until I suffered a very grave illness myself, that I came to TRULY understand the power of natural healing. I always thought that expensive doctors would know better than I did, surely ... right?  It turned out that the "treatment" for an illness I had, actually CAUSED the type of cancer I ended up with. This made my heart drop, and infuriated me!!  For the rest of my life, I would be dependent on a chemical medication because of something that was supposed to save my life.


In the days and months after surgery, I became frustrated with doctors that seem to pay more attention to a computer screen than to my health or how I was feeling. In order to survive, and have a body I could live inside, I started to match technical education with the knowledge I instinctively seemed to have.  I started to solve my own problems.  I learned that WE are the experts on ourselves, that to be truly treated; a persons entire body, mind, lifestyle, and Spirit must be integrated into the healing process.


I am not against modern medicine, and in many cases it is the path one must take to survive. I do believe that many of our common illnesses and side effects of major illnesses can be delt with from a natural and nutritional  perspective.




Indigo has studied extensively in a myriad of methods ranging from Native American, Kampo, Tibetan, Modern and Traditional Folk Herbalism as well as studying Traditional Chinese medicine.  Indigo is a multi certified Master Herbalist, currently studying Integrative/ functional wellness care with an emphasis on Nutrigenomics. Indigo also holds certifications in Psychological First Aid from Johns Hopkins, Certified Ketogenic Instructor, QPR instruction,  she incorporates Mind-fullness, Meditation and Epigenetics into her work. Indigo is the Rocky Mountain Regional Co-ordinator for Herbalists without Borders.  Indigo is the founder and CEO of Satori Intl, Montana Farmacy, The Zen Army, The Four Directions Foundation, Rocky Mtn Hope Network, and Alternabiotics © a line of Natural Antibiotic Alternatives used by licensed medical practitioners to combat the very serious issue of Antibiotic Resistance and Drug Resistant infections.








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