A little bit about our Herbalist

"I have always loved the dirt, the plants, trees and NATURE!  I grew up in the dirt & The mountains of Idaho, which made for a truly blessed life. It was not until I suffered a very grave illness myself, that I came to TRULY understood the power of natural healing. I always thought that expensive doctors would know better than I did, surely ... right?  It turned out that the "treatment" for an illness I had, actually CAUSED the type of cancer I ended up with. This made my heart drop, and infuriated me that for the rest of my life, I would be dependent on a chemical medication because of something that was supposed to save my life.


In the days and months after surgery, I became frustrated with doctors that seem to pay more attention to a computer screen than to my health or how I was feeling. In order to survive, and have a body I could live inside, I started to match technical education with the knowledge I instinctively seemed to have.  I started to solve my own problems.  I learned that WE are the experts on ourselves, that to be truly treated a persons entire body, mind, lifestyle, and Spirit must be integrated into the healing process.


I am not against modern medicine, and in many cases it is the path one must take to survive. I do believe that many of our common illnesses and side effects of major illnesses can be delt with from a natura and nutritional  perspective."




Indigo has studied extensively in a myriad of methods ranging from Native American, Kampo, Tibetan, Modern and Tradtional Folk Herbalism as well as studying Traditional Chinese medicine.  Indigo is a multi certified Master Herbalist, currently studying Integrative/ functional wellness care with an emphasis on Nutrigenomics. Indigo also holds certifications in Psychological First Aid from Johns Hopkins, Certified Ketogenic Instructor, QPR instruction, and she incorporates Mindfullness, Meditation and Tea Therapeutics into her work. Indigo is the Rocky Mountain Regional Co-ordinator for Herbalists without Borders.  Indigo is the founder and CEO of Satori Intl, Montana Farmacy, The Zen Army, The Four Directions Foundation, Rocky Mtn Hope Network, and Alternabiotics © a line of Natural Antibiotic Alternatives used by licensed medical practitioners to combat the very serious issue of Antibiotic Resistance and Drug Resistant infections.